Saturday, June 14, 2014


Confession time. I binge.

Binge watching that is.

Breaking Bad has me by the throat, and until I plough through to the bitter end I have no intention of stopping.

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I know it's violent and a grisly spectacle of down and dirty evil. The characters are as nasty as they come. They cook meth, kill, lie, steal, cheat, and do it all in high gear. It's fascinating!

BB is one hell of a fast story, set in Albuquerque and the arid desert area of New Mexico. Walt,the devoted father of a teenage son, with a pregnant wife, teaches chemistry in a local high school. His life wasn't particularly interesting until he was diagnosed with advanced, inoperable lung cancer. The story hook - he couldn't pay for any treatments and his finances were in the red.

Over two years we gawk as Walt turns to crime, expertly cooking methamphetamine and selling it through one of his students. The plot is furiously fast, gripping, and shakes morality. It's the polar opposite of Downton Abbey.

Then my brain clicked in...BB could never take place in Canada. Here, once Walt was diagnosed, he would be in front of a doctor deciding on treatments. He wouldn't need to turn to crime as a financial plan, unless it took his fancy to try evil as a life style. No need to cook meth. No need to kill for money. No TV crime drama. What a bore.

PS. I love Downton Abbey too.

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