Sunday, October 25, 2015

What the Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Beauty Gala Means to me

Working at the Shoppers Drug Mart in the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, I meet patients every shift that are affected by breast cancer. Seeing these brave women has hit home with me that breast cancer really can affect anyone. Taking part in the Holiday Beauty Gala is another chance to support those women. My team is thrilled to be able to make a difference!

Being a Shoppers Drug Mart Associate Ambassador at store #255, Langley Crossing, I share the commitment that the company has made to improve the health of all Canadian women in body, mind and spirit. Doing my part to help our community is a core value that I hold dear. I cannot think of a better way to help improve the early diagnosis of breast cancer throughout our province than helping mammography services be made available to remote locations of British Columbia. This is why the partnership of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Shoppers Drug Mart is so complementary and valuable.

In my very first week as Associate-Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart, Langley Crossing, my team approached me about holding a barbeque to help raise funds for CBCF. So we organized one to coincide with our Beauty Gala and raised over $1,500 that day! I realized then that my team was dedicated to making a difference. This year, we have a poster up near our staff room and are using it to encourage employees to post about the Holiday Beauty Gala over their personal social media pages. We are tracking the ticket sales and offering prizes to those who sell the most tickets.

So what exactly does the upcoming Holiday Beauty Gala on Saturday, November 7 mean to me? 

It is an event where women can feel great about getting gorgeous and conversing with their community, friends and family. Shoppers Drug Mart holds these types of beauty events regularly for our customers, so having a chance to make it even better by helping CBCF and the breast cancer cause motivates us to have the best gala possible! We are going all out for this Holiday Beauty Gala – our event will include makeovers, eyebrow threading, hair styling, facials, some delicious food and of course, many glamorous prizes! This is our chance to pamper our customers and women supporting the cause.

Shoppers Drug Mart employee, volunteering at the 2015 Spring Beauty Gala.

So, book a date with beauty — it is a great chance to learn some new makeup tips, mingle with some fantastic people, have a glamorous makeover, enjoy a meaningful event and support the Foundation! Purchase your tickets in-store today.

Shenaz Singh
Shoppers Drug Mart Associate Ambassador
Store #255, Langley Crossing

Shenaz has been with Shoppers Drug Mart for over 10 years, starting as a Pharmacy Assistant in 2004. She graduated from UBC Pharmacy in 2009 and has been an Associate for five years. She has worked for over 20 Shoppers Drug Mart locations and has been an Associate-Owner of three locations (currently two). She is extremely proud to be a part of a company that is the trusted leader in taking care of the whole you.

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