Monday, March 10, 2014

Bursts of Enthusiasm.

My husband says that I am subject to bursts of enthusiasm. And back in 1991 after my breast cancer diagnosis, I bolted off in all directions. First, I enthusiastically wrote a letter thanking Kellogg's for their fundraising efforts and invited anyone, patients or staff, at the Vancouver based British Columbia Cancer Agency, to sign it.

Then, with more enthusiasm than common sense, I mailed dozens of these letters and boxes of cereal to a friend who was undergoing breast cancer treatments in Calgary so she could do the same thing.

I placed boxes of Nutrific on each radiation station counter at the BCCA.

I collected the letters from Vancouver and Calgary, bundled them up and sent them to the President and CEO of Kellogg's Canada, his Board of Directors, and anyone else I could find in their Annual General Report.  Note to self:  mailing cereal boxes is enthusiasm run amuck...they do have supermarkets in Calgary, after all.     

About a year later the President of Kellogg's took me to breakfast to thank me for the letters.  He had my original letter in his pocket.  He also said that I didn't have to eat cereal.  I didn't.

Kellogg's was the first sponsor for our Awareness Day Breakfast.  The menu had to be healthy (no bacon) and Kellogg's insisted we use Bran Flakes.  When the Mayor spoke, he kept refering to the event as being a very `moving` event.  It was.

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