Monday, March 31, 2014

From cereal to Ottawa.

Once I was on the breast cancer treatment roller coaster, I  found that having breast cancer was stressful.  In 1991, there wasn't enough good news about survival rates and the treatments were pretty tough.  My family had had to ride with me through some wild emotional curves of their own with their fears for my life. I was not the easiest person to live with.  I was scared silly and needed help. I found it with a group of women in the breast cancer support group at the cancer agency (pictured above).

Music therapy, relaxation sessions, group sessions, I took it all in and what a wonderful club of women I met.  I loved that group of women for their honesty.  I whinged, whined and fumed about the lack of public attention breast cancer was getting. I said that that I wanted to 'do something' about it.  Finally they told me to shut up or put up.

The problem was that my mind wasn't clear and hadn't created a defined path or outlet for my energies yet.  Ultimately they supported me 100% in my On All Fronts brief.

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