Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rebel Readers

It's supposed to be one in nine, but my freethinking fellow Bookclubbers have decided to ignore the statistics.  Five of our 13 members have developed breast cancer.  In the same way that political applications and religious practices vary, our breast cancer clique does not have a “one-size-fits-all” pattern of diagnoses, treatments or results.  Years ago we wouldn't have known that our cancers differed so much until researchers had the tools to dig into the intricacies of DNA.

This is not an exclusive club.  We also have some rebellious sorts who insist on personally exploring other cancers.  These are rabid individualists who often hold unique opinions on the novels we discuss.  Although they are in the minority, along with other feisty individualists with MS, wonky knee and shoulder joints, lens replacements and more, we give them the respect they deserve.

Please note that the ones who don't seem to have any dramatic diseases are treated equally.  We hope they continue to be resolute outliers. 

We don't talk much about all this.  There's hardly enough time in our meetings to appreciate or disagree on our readings, solve the problems of the world, catch up on travels and our splendid grandchildren and then proceed to food... glorious food. 

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