Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Five New Facts you Should Know About the On All Fronts Blog

An inside look into the world of CBCF and the people connected to the cause.

Why blog?  When it comes to breast cancer, I was “there and did that” in 1991.  I am well and beyond grateful for the generosity and kindness of others who shared their intimate cancer stories and experiences with me, then and now.  Your tales have been real, inspirational, difficult, downright goofy, often hilarious and always food for the soul.

I hope that in blog-land, On All Fronts readers have found something of value.  Life moves on, and now I want to expand the blog to be for the entire Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – BC/Yukon Region (CBCF), to share more about the inside world of CBCF and so many fascinating people who are connected to the breast cancer cause.

Below are five types of articles that you can look forward to reading:

1.  Ask an Expert
Discover what words of advice are shared in personal articles about breast cancer written by survivors, researchers, fellows, students, donors, volunteers, medical practitioners, and friends or family members that are connected to the cause.

2.  CBCF Staff Highlights
Who are the people behind the Foundation and what are their experiences working for the cause?

3.  Breast Health
Read about the latest breast health and cancer news, information, advice, and programs.  What steps can you take to reduce your risk of breast cancer?

4.  CBCF Events
Get an insider’s look at the many events that CBCF offers.

5.  And of course... articles written by ME!

Don’t miss out on the action and be sure to subscribe to On All Fronts by typing in your email address at the top left side of this webpage.

Happy reading!

Judy Caldwell
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – BC/Yukon Region

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